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The ceiling and what can go wrong 😅

In the planning phase of the house, we were also visiting other houeses to get some inspiration. One of these houses had an open ceiling in the living room and the wood was covered with a glaze and we instantly felt in love with that. As a result we said we want to have exactly the same. Then the paint job started and since we were not onsite during the building process first pictures came to our attention and they were not exactly what we did expect this to be (to say the least). Somehow instead of a glaze a solid paint was applied to the wooden ceiling.

Since this was absolutely not what we wanted to have, the paint had to be removed again by grinding it off.

This was a painful thing to do and slowed down the general progress of the buidling process.

But it was definitely worth doing it, since we like it so much more with the glaze. Unfortunately it carries a bit of vintage effect based on the fact that the paint could not be grinded off a 100%. But some might say the vintage effect is intentional 😅

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