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How it all started - 31st of October 2018

On the 31st of October 2018 the building process of the Villa started by removing trees and starting with the ecavation of the ground.

The excavation process is always a bit of a surprise box since nobody is able to predict how the ground is structured and if there might be any solid rocks, which would delay the process and would lead to higher costs.

Lucky enough we didn´t face any suprises in regards to the structure of the soil. But still as in any project a first surprise would already arise.

For any project you need to create a topographic drawing of the plot to be able to plan properly. Unfortunately the Topograph was not exactly as accurate in regards to the drawing as you would expect. On the picture below you can see the deviation of the topographic drawing for the height of the soil (blue line) versus reality.

Adjust on the go

As a result we had to adjust our plans for the pool, which resulted in an extra terace on a second level, which was not initially planned. The inital plan was to have the pool being longer (9m vs 7m now) and not to have a terace on a second level.

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